Is this event like The Gumball Run and The Cannonball Run in the USA?

This event is not like The Gumball Run and The Cannonball Run.  This event is not timed so speed is not the answer.  But like The Gumball Run and The Cannonball Run, this is an automotive themed cross country event on NZ roads with a lot of fun.

Does this run have gravel?

Some runs  have compulsory gravel other dont if this is an issue please ask the team.  (we cannot assure zero road works in NZ).  We do offer detours on our runs so if you are into gravel, there is usually a  good amount of it.

Can I bring any sort of vehicle along to the Gumboot Rally?

Anything is welcome, all makes and models. As long as the vehicle has a current WOF and is able to pass a pre-event check.  Has insurance  and current registration you can bring it along. And we mean everything weve had a brand new Porche , Forarri (Honda NSX) WRX, Comodore, Escorts, Dodge viper and even a Lada

What do I get for the ticket price?

You get a limited edition T-shirt, mission pack (instructions for the day) sponsor stickers including door badges and car numbers and official entry into the event which makes you eligible for prizes!

Can I bring all my mates?

 You can bring as many people along as you can legally seat inside your vehicle. You pay one entry fee regardless of how many passengers you bring. You will need to buy a dinner ticket per person for Saturday night and you can purchase t-shirts.

How Does the best theme award work?

The Best Theme Award is our second largest prize.  Many people put more effort into this than the overall prize.  This is voted on by the competitors during Saturday, so arrive at the start line in costume.  You need to stand out in the crowd and make a name for yourself, get involved and meet people.

How do I get a limited edition T-Shirt?

Come to the next Gumboot Rally!

What happens next?

So you’ve booked your ticket, well done.

Best place to keep up with everything is Facebook, but we will send email updates leading up to the event.

Next, just sit back and read our updates normally about 2 weeks out from the event.  We will send you details of the start line location.  We keep this under wraps so the start is about you guys not public.

Next, normally around a week out from the event you will get your sticker pack sent by courier.  Also around this time you will get your ‘what to bring email’.  This is important additional information of the things you need to bring to the event.  Without them you can not win.

At the start line you will receive your door numbers, your mission pack and after a quick briefing from the team, we will start the adventure.

If you have any questions along the way feel free to email us info@gumbootrally.com or just flick us a question on www.facebook.com/Gumbootrally