Gumboot Rally

Twice a year Gumboot Rally sets off on an Automotive themed scavenger hunt in search of amazing back roads, scenery and of course all the towns you will never see.

Held over two days the weekend event will travel around 700km from rolling hills to backcountry straightaways and winding farmland, the differing assortment of the countryside is immense, and there is truly a little for every enthusiast in this event.

“We had heard so much about the Gumboot prior to it, but this weekend surpassed even those. Can’t wait for the next one”

Logan Burmester

All cars are welcome; USA, Euro, Japan, the lot.  We’ve had Dodge Vipers, Aston Martins, Rx7s, Escorts, Starlets, Corvettes and even a Lada.

Saturday is theme day.  Every event has a theme, race car, zombie, school to name a few.   Big prizes are handed out at the evening group dinner and prize giving.

“Good people, good times”

Duncan Bennett

Sunday sees more amazing roads and wacky challenges finishing up with the Major prize giving where the judges count up all the points from the weekend and announce the big winners.

So what are you waiting for grab your ticket on our next adventure

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