2023 March Christchurch Cup Info

March 18th – 19th 2023

Christchurch – Hanmer – Christchurch

Limited to 150 People

After 14 previous Gumboot Rallys being held solely in and around the North Island, the Gumboot Rally is finally heading to the Mainland. Join us on a 2-day, themed, automotive scavenger hunt around some amazing South Island roads you may have never heard of, or driven on before. The event will begin in Christchurch on Saturday morning and we will travel Gumboot Rally style to our overnight stay in Hanmer Springs, complete with a buffet dinner and a debrief on the day’s many adventures. Sunday morning will see us leave Hanmer Springs and finish up in Christchurch, again via amazing little-known roads, for our grand prize-giving at Robbie Sports Bar to finish. Tickets and more information coming soon.

This is an event not to be missed..


We will be staying and Eating on Saturday night at Hanmer Springs Resort when booking make sure you mention you are part of the Gumboot Rally to unlock the venue and discount


You will receive a custom tee, sponsorship decals (to affix to your vehicle) a mission pack (instructions for the weekend), and the chance to win some of the amazing awards and prizes.

Car and Driver (including Sat Dinner) = $259

Passengers Prize Giving ticket including Dinner (Sat Evening) = $59


The theme for this event will be announced at the prize giving of the september event

Remember Theme is over both days so make it loud and proud 


Never done one of our events and not sure what to expect?  First of all, bring your sense of humor our group is here for a good time and a lot of laughs will be had over the weekend. The cars, it really doesn’t matter what you bring we have had Ladas, falcons, Chev trucks, Dodge Vipers, Escorts, Evo, Wrx and an assortment of BMW people have even brought Utes when their main car didn’t make the start and no matter what you’re in you have fun because speed isn’t what the weekend is all about, points.  How do you get points you follow the crazy and sometimes light on detailed instructions that will guide you through the weekend. Take a funny photo work out the sequence of the green letterboxes or find the hidden photos we have taken earlier. All in the name of fun