2021 April East Cape

April 10th-11th 2021

Whakatane – Gisborne – Taupo

Limited to 150 People

Come with us on an amazing adventure to one of the least populated spots in New Zealand. Our weekend will begin on Saturday in Sunny Whakatane at a yet to be disclosed location and wind its way down the fun way to Gisborne. Dinner and best theme prize giving will be held at the Emerald Hotel Gisborne. Sunday will kick off and head through Napier onto the amazing views and rolling hills of Gentle Annie through to Taupo, where the weekend will culminate the Grand Prize and the announcement of the Gumboot Rally Champion.


We will be staying at the Emerald Hotel Gisborne on Saturday night.

This is not included in your ticket so book your stay as soon as we announce the code

Booking code is: To Be Confirmed


You will receive a custom tee, sponsorship decals (to affix to your vehicle) a mission pack (instructions for the weekend), and the chance to win some of the amazing awards and prizes.

Car and Driver (including Sat Dinner) = $259

Passengers Dinner (Sat Evening) = $55


The theme for this event is Movie Car

So dust off the Delorian, get the Charger out, or Fast and Furious your Jappa.

One of the main prizes is the theme award so go big and let everyone know who you are


The Weekend

Never done one of our events and not sure what to expect?  First of all, bring your sense of humor our group is here for a good time and a lot of laughs will be had over the weekend. The cars, it really doesn’t matter what you bring we have had Ladas, falcons, Chev trucks, Dodge Vipers, Escorts, Evo, Wrx and an assortment of BMW people have even brought Utes when their main car didn’t make the start and no matter what you’re in you have fun because speed isn’t what the weekend is all about, points.  How do you get points you follow the crazy and sometimes light on detailed instructions that will guide you through the weekend. Take a funny photo work out the sequence of the green letterboxes or find the hidden photos we have taken earlier. All in the name of fun